Staring into my own eyes.

These days I am gathering wisdom. Noticing it. Holding it. Nurturing and growing it, so that when I find someone who needs a bit, I can share. Wisdom evolves. It is inner knowing. I’ve been told (and know to be true) that I’m highly intuitive. I used to just shrug and call it common sense. But this is actually a great compliment that I do not want to make light of. I am learning to notice and trust my intuitions, and find gentleness with myself. And strength within. It is an uncommon sense. A sensitivity.

I’ve been looking directly into my own eyes. My reflection. What do I see? What don’t I see? When I stare directly into my own smiling eyes in the mirror I literally cannot see the flaws on my skin in my peripheral view. They fade away. Cease to exist. Am I the only one who used to look at them anyway? 

Where is the line between advice and judgement? Wisdom and opinion. Observation and thought. How can we perceive the world through a lens that is unbiased? Impossible, of course. Questions to savor as I continue to welcome wisdom.

I will listen more.