Seeking seekers.

Seeking seekers.

I’m an observer. A questioner. A seeker. A wonderer. An appreciator of beauty. I enjoy asking questions, and seek others who do, as well. Let’s be curious together! I feel very vulnerable around people who are not seekers, because when I ask questions, (in my head, at least…this could be projection) they perceive me as incompetent or unknowing. I value wisdom. I have an inner knowing. But it’s never complete. I ask because I am curious. I want to know what you think. Not because I want you to tell me what I should think. (Or what, definitively, “is.” Eyeroll. Come ON.) I also ask because sometimes I forget to trust my sweet self. My incredibly wise inner guide who already knows. I forget. But I need seekers and questioners who will help me to remember. Not “knowers” who will pounce on this “weakness” and use it as an opportunity to boost their own ego strength as an authority. And it’s a delicate balance to write this stuff…because I love to guide others. Answer questions. Encourage, ask, suggest, and help. (You need encouragement? Put me at the top of your list!). But it comes from a place of seeking. And sometimes knowing. But not facts. Instead, feeling. A deeper knowing. Experience. Intuition. And, sometimes, guessing I suppose. I’m human, after all. We all have to guess sometimes, and try and wait and see.

But I’m seeking you. More of you. To laugh and play and explore this beautiful world together. With our babies, perhaps. Or maybe not. (Though, mine is here to stay.) To taste and enjoy and read and share and walk and listen and feel and appreciate. To dance and write and talk and cry and love and hug and live in awe of each moment. 

Help me remember these feelings when I lose them. Help bring me back when I forget my appreciation. Share your life with me and let’s grow together.

Seeking place and space and love and home. (Still a fish out of water on the West Coast).

Seeking friends.