A Wild Pull

It is seductive.
The pull to succumb.
Oh it reaches.
Wraps it’s desperate fingers around my bleeding heart.
A deep place I was once.
There is music.
Such exquisite glorious sound.
Movement. Flowing emotions.
There is pain.
Familiar. Wild.
So desperately wild.
Achingly creative.
Blood. Cries.
Who am I if not she.
Oh sweet delicate brave one.
You pulled through.
I miss you and long to hold you
So close.
Cradle you to stillness.
Let your tears run free.

This wretched gray sky stirs
All fears. Memories.
Terror of new remembrances yet to knock me.
Flings the pathetic little fragile pieces lined up on the shelf.
They are nothing.

They are something.
They are everything.
She is your everything.
You have it all.
Love is all. Sweet tragic soul.
Let it be enough.
And let the rest go.